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Real-Time Stats

Our real time dashboard features 4 main activity stats:

  1. Daily leads compared to the same day last week
  2. How many leads were handled by your team
  3. Upcoming Reminders
  4. How many users you have on your site now

These stats give your team leaders the ability to efficiently manage the sales activity in a high conversion dynamic daily environment.


The Leads Table

A table that holds all the incoming leads and their status is imperative for efficient lead management. We took it one step further: your team leaders and sales agents can update everything directly from the table, and its all updated in real time to the entire team:

  1. Change lead status
  2. Comment on communication with prospects
  3. Get lead early analytics (source, campaign, landing page)
  4. Assign leads to sales agents

Working directly from the leads table increase the efficiency of your sales team, it allows you to close more sales, faster.


Early Analytics

Infogamy’s integration with Google Analytics provides you valuable data on each incoming lead.

  1. User type (New / Returning)
  2. Landing page
  3. Source / Campaign / Ad-group
  4. Device

You can also send custom data with each lead according to your needs, we also send transactions to your Google Analytics account each time a lead is marked as “Won”, empowering your marketing team with real time information on closed deals.


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