What we do

Infogamy is an Early Analytics lead management solution that enables the discovery of deeper insights, make predictions, and generate recommendations, when you need it most: Before your sales team engages with incoming leads, helping you close more deals faster.

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Google Analytics Integration

Provides you with the information such as: New/Returning visitor, Device used (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet), Traffic Source, Campaign, Adgroup and user Landing Page.

Chat Analytics Integration

Adds information such as data on which page the chat was conducted and the entire conversation. when using multiple chats (support / Sales / other) you can receive the chat subject.

Call-Center Solution Integration

Adds information such as: the phone number of the caller + Instant DB scan for previous contacts (doesn't matter the channel) and the previous contact results


Status changes and lead updates; number of leads engaged per sales rep, number of calls made and duration, closing percentage of leads in total and by type and per sales rep.

Take Action

See in real time how many leads are handled and accommodated accordingly; Identify your sales reps best-performers for the shift/ day and assign more leads to them; Identify when the number of your website visitors increase or decline and accommodate staff changes accordingly


Connect Infogamy’s Zapier App with your favorite web-apps, including CRMs, Call Center solutions, Email solution and over 750 web-applications that are already integrated.


Our webhook functionality allows you to send leads to other systems using a simple wizard, you can enhance your CRM data by sending the extra data we collect on the lead and send it to your CRM.

Integrate with your call center

Send leads to infogamy as a call is made to a specific agent


We have special integration instructions to work smoothly with wordpress


Infogamy can receive leads from Web forms and chats systems. Our uniqueness is that we are using a "pixel", most API's require you to change your form completely and implement all kinds of codes, we don't, all you need to do to integrate your form to Infogamy is place our pixel on your site, and change the input names to fit ours.

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More Features

  • Full cycle analytics - Compare lead sources according to win rate and lead quality. See which landing pages and campaigns work better. Optimize your ROI.
  • Mobile - Our responsive design enables you to go mobile, supporting iOS and Android devices.
  • Lead scoring & prediction - Incoming leads receive a score based on user website interaction & past performance. Let your sales team focus on leads with higher win probability.
  • Collaborative lead management - 4 User types: Admin, Team leader, Sales man & Affiliate. Pass leads from one person to another in real time, comment, change lead status and post reminders.
  • Multi-Lingual chat support - 48 languages supported

What you’re waiting for? Get your free account today. It is super Easy to Implement and Use